Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Liz is having a baby!!

My little sister is having a baby. I was inspired to throw her a shower. She has thrown me many showers over the past several years, so it was only fair;) I had so much fun planning. Not knowing the gender, I went for polka dots, daisies and lots of white!!! You just can't go wrong with crisp, clean, classic white on white decor. We had a fun, relaxing time as we ate, gave wishes to the baby and showered Liz with lots of goodies. Liz is a super cute pregnant mommy. She and her husband Tommy are going love that little baby so very much. I can't wait to meet him/her in the very near future.
My friend Sara made the beautiful cake. She stayed up all night to deliver it fresh in time for the brunch!
I found this cute pancake idea on Pintrest.com. It is my new favorite internet pastime:)
Liz's favorite flowers are daisies.
I used my mother's milk glass collection to incorporate polka dots without being cheesy.
Candy bar favors...
Liz and our Aunt Krista
Cousins Lydia, Annalee and Avery

Saturday, September 10, 2011

All Things New

Our church started a three part series back in August. It was the beginning of a lot of life change for many members of our church. Over 180 salvations and over 260 baptisms took place over the past month. My sister was baptized earlier this year and then my father was baptized in July. Then in August during the series the church offered a spontaneous baptism for all those who had never taken that step and 6 members of our small group were baptized!!! So much celebrations, so many emotions. I just can't get over all that the Lord has done. I am so excited to see what He has in store for each of their lives. *check out this video of the highlights!

Where did the Summer go???

What a whirlwind this Summer has been. I look back and I really can't remember what all happened, I just know it flew by!! I had lots of weddings to photograph, we went to Lake Powell with Shane's family, had two litters of puppies, began preparing for the school year and spent a lot of time indoors away from the crazy sauna outside. Here are a few photos of our sweet pups.