Tuesday, February 27, 2007

6 months

I cannot believe this is happening so fast. It does seem like a while ago I found out I was pregnant, but when I think about the fact that I really only have about 3 months left until this baby comes, oh my... I was really bad about taking belly pics with Shelby, so I made sure to get at least one with this baby. By the way, it is a girl. Super excited to have three girls three and under, w00-hoo!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Come on in...

Back door
Dining room/playroom view into living room Dining room/playroom view from kitchen Kitchen, entrance to living room is to the right Kitchen view from living room entrance
Living room view from bottom of stairs
Living room with view to kitchen from front door
This one is for all of our long distance friends. I always feel more connected to my far-away friends when I can picture where they spend their days.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


View from the top of the stiars looking down
Bathroom Our room Shelby's room, her crib is to the left Annalee's room. It is great to fit two double beds in there. All guests stay in here with Annalee at night.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Common occurance...

This picture is a representation of our daily living. I rarely ever dress Annalee anymore. Before breakfast she has adorned one of her "princess" dresses and accessories. She has been known to dance for an hour straight while Shelby indulges in her carb addiction. Her first and only object word is cracker. She could live on graham crackers, wheat thins and, well, pretty much anything made of flour. I cut her off the other day and then found her hiding in the corner with a box of elbow noodles, gross!!! We try to keep the flour intake to a minimum, so it lends to many a sad face for my little sugar bear, but I am sure she will get over it, I hope.

"Let Salvation Flow" follow-up...

A while ago I shared a short post about a desire for seeing God's hand in the salvation of those around me. It was not long after that post that I attended a business conference. There was an optional Sunday morning service and I witnessed over 600 people accept the Lord as their Savior. I have since attended three of these conferences and continue to see the Lord work in mighty ways on the hearts of those around me. I have seen well over 2000 people come to Jesus in the past 5 months and I am so grateful for a God who allows us to share in the joy of these truly supernatural transformations. *This picture was taken this past conference in South Carolina. Sorry it was blurred, but you can get an idea of the many, many who came forward.

Christmas Scrapbook part I

The girls had a blast playing in ALL the Colorado snow!
My two aspiring artists spent their days practicing their talents, twirling and playing the days away.
Shane's brother, Brett, and his girlfirend Lindsey treated us to a Nuggets basketball game and a private tour of the facilities. It was a fabulous time had by all. Thanks Brett and Lindsey!!
Annalee was a flower girl in our freinds' Bryan and Jenny's wedding. She had so much fun dancing all night with her Daddy. She danced every single song from 7:00-10:00. We had to drag her off the dance floor.
The travel was crazy as we had three snow/ice storms to get through on our trip. Shane is an excellent snow driver and got us to our destinations safely, even if the 6 hour trips took 10 hours. Hey, great family time in the car, right?!