Friday, June 20, 2008


My sister and I went to Chicago this past weekend to photograph a wedding. Friday we spent the day in the city playing with our cameras. I had such a good time. Sisteres are so much fun when they are grown. I stole a few pictures from the day from her blog...

Spring Pictures, Thanks Liz!

Happy Birthday 4 Year Old!

Annalee is 4. I cannot believe it. yeah, yeah, all moms say that. She is a huge blessing to us. This girl thinks she is 30. I love her. Sometimes I feel like I take advantage of her maturity, but why suppress it, right? She reads to her sisters (tells stories the way she remembers them), folds laundry, empties the silverware from the dishwasher, makes her bed, gets herself and her sisters dressed in the morning, sets and clears the table, vacuums up the floor after meals, watches the full two hour Kennedy Center Swan Lake Ballet Production as often as possible, bathes herself, has a memory that gets me in trouble sometimes, and so on and so on. I love her. She is so affectionate and very serious, very often. She makes friends with everyone in her path. She teaches her sisters all day long. She is very neat and orderly. She loves her chore chart. She even sings me songs to make me smile. Did I mentioned I love her?

Fun in the Sun

Our friend's Julie and Darren bought Annalee a slip 'n slide for her birthday. We had so much fun sliding around all afternoon. Even Avery got a few rides. Shleby, in true Shelby style, choose to watch the action, but had fun just the same.

Happy Anniversary!

For our 6 year anniversary we took the girls to the lake at my parent's house. I know, not very romantic, but we decided we would have a date another day. Besides, we were celebrating the beginning of a life we have created together, and our children are obviously a huge part of that life. We sat back and watched the girls play, and talked about how God has blessed us throughout the years, and just how thankful we are for the life we live.

Business Fun

One of my favorite things about the business we do is that we have so much fun doing it , together! Our team rented a facility for some late night fun after a meeting we had earlier in the day. We played everything from wii and cards to basketball, flag football and volleyball.

Yes, I watch my children, but sometimes...

Yes, that is permanant marker

Notice the artwork on the mirror

No, I did not authorize the cutting of these curls

Nor the slinging of ketchup all over my dining room

It is a hard days work being so naughty...

We Love Spaghetti!


Shane comes home each day at lunchtime for a couple of hours. We are so thankful for this time. Being a personal trainer, he has long days and we look forward the the couple of hours in the middle of the day to eat, play and rest together.

The View out of My Front Window

Bananas and Toast

Another great snack/meal...
Sliced bananas on oatnut toast sprinkled with pecans and honey.
This one holds be over for hours.

Ice Cream Truck

Shane helped the girls experience the joys of the neighborhood ice cream truck... for the first time!

No Words Necessary

My Soul Has Been Fed

I say this all the time when I talk with my dear friend Natalie. There are some people in this world who just make you feel "full" when you leave them. Full in a good way, refreshed, not overwhelmed...I have a handfull of these people in my life and Natalie is one of them. She and her husband, Kris, came to visit for a few short days. We toured the area and had many great late night talks, as we always do. I am very blessed to have a friend in Natalie. Above is a picture of us having lunch on the veranda at "Tru Luv's" on the river

Kris and Natalie breaking from a mid-day tour of downtown Fredericksburg

Greatest ice cream in the world

Shane and Kris lovin' life at Carl's