Monday, November 20, 2006


The other morning, as I was leaving the house for work, I told Shane he could let Annalee play with my makeup brushes that didn't have any color on them. She had been begging me all morning. Here is proof that sometimes, my husband just doesn't listen to what I am saying.

Fredricksburg with the Family

I am so very thankful to be back in Virginia. My family is only 2 hours away, in my favorite town, Fredricksburg. We visited them a couple of weeks ago and "went out." They treated us to a little Mexican place where Shelby practically drank her beans and cheese. Afterwards, we went to our favorite ice cream place in all the world, Carl's. it is an old 50's joint that is always hoppin'. It has been "the place" to go for Virginian's for years. There is always a long line, even in November. The girls had a ball. Thanks to my parents for a great evening!

Birthday Parties!!!

Annalee attended her first birthday party (that she can remember). She is now obsessed with birthdays. She sings "Happy Birthday" all day, every day. We practiced this song to get ready for her friend Izabele's party and then when the time came to sing, Annalee just stood there, overwhelmed with excitement. I am half-tempted to throw her a 1/2 birthday party just because she is so excited, but no, no, the time will come.


I know, to write about Halloween at the end of November really shows how much of a slacker I have been about my blog, but you gotta start somewhere, right? We really have been so very busy. I started a new substitute part-time job a few weeks back and it takes up all of my free-time, of course. So, I have a few moments here this morning and thought I would begin to update the world on the Miller's. Halloween was super fun this year. I love dressing up and this year we were able to get our small group to have a party. Everyone dressed up, including the parents and we had a big chili dinner. Then we took the kids out trick-or-treating, oh, so fun!!! Annalee loved the night. She ran from house-to-house without letting up. It was a pleasure to watch her get into it. She always gets extra energized when other people are around and the streets were full of excited kids, so you can imagine. We really enjoy our small group and they are great sports. One family took on the Wizard of OZ theme. The baby had a metal funnel on his head! Other families were: coyboys and girls, Disney characters, Toy Story and Aladdin. Annalee was a fairy of some sort, Shelby a ladybug, and Shane and I were "peace and quiet." Great night!!