Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Life

Pictures tell such a story. I was playing with my new camera... squeal...and decided to shoot a couple of images of my morning. It is 7:30am. I am on the front porch finishing my coffee, Bible reading and morning chat with my husband. I hear the children begin to wake upstairs. Here is what I see...
Brand new day lilies
Water hose on the tramp from the kids water play yesterday...
Reece's whiffle ball in the grass, that really needs weeded/seeded. The clover has taken over! Good for the chickens, bad for the curb appeal. If we had a curb...
Baby lettuce...
Coke? Really? Nobody in family drinks Coke. Except this guy named Shane who buys them from the gas station when I am not looking. But he certainly would not leave it in my garden as evidence of his poor nutritional choices. Speaking of garden, I should really finish filling these boxes...
Color-by-number worksheet balled up in the landscaping. It just goes to show you what my children think of my schooling methods:)
Tire potato garden...hopefully today I will add another tire and fill with more dirt.
Sun dresses left on the line know, 'cause the moon is efficient like that!
Blooming azaleas....
Weeds in my azaleas...
Shane's boots filled with water from the rain last night. Does this mean I can skip the dogs water bowl this morning?
Birthday present from last weekend. We forgot to take it to the party. We still haven't delivered.
Leftover laundry from last night... See the big tall pile? That is going to the winter closet until next year.
My unmade bed...I don't normally make my bed until I am dressed for the day. Yes, that would mean I am still in my pj's.
Welcome to my world.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

So, we ran out of time/energy to take a family picture, decorate eggs, or hide and find the easter treats I bought. I have no photos to share of my kiddos covered in chocolate, or how cute they looked in their peach/ brown/ blue coordinating Easter outfits. But, I can show you this!
This is what we did all weekend. This is what we prayed for for weeks. This was part of a series of four services spread throughout the weekend in which hundreds of hands were raised by those who accepted Christ. This is what Easter is all about. And, my kids didn't suffer one bit. And, don't worry, we are dying the eggs today:)

It is Here!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reece is 2!

Reece Christian Zadok "Zealous Christ-follower Warrior Priest." Although he has a long way to go, he well on his way to living up to his name. Reece turned 2 yesterday!
This little man is the baby of the bunch, the only brother and the quiet strength in our family. He is content to play with his cars, trucks, motorcycles, and baseballs for hours. But, don't come near his toys, or his sippee cup, he will pull them all close yell, "No!" and turn the other way. Although we are working on manners and kindness, who can blame the guy? He does have three older sisters who tend to just take what they want. He has to be on guard. See the warrior part coming out in him?:)
I made him a gluten-free cake for his birthday. It was a rare treat and he was a bit apprehensive at first. He has kind of gotten used to the fact that he doesn't eat what we do.
The thought that he was laid back and chilled was a bit on target, but most certainly overrated as I learned at 6 months, he was not only dairy intolerant, but gluten intolerant as well. All that bad-for-him food in his body was just making him lethargic! We stopped all dairy and wheat products and he has been a happy camper; energy to spare and a smile to go with it!
Reece loves to drive, race, push and make noises with anything that has wheels. He likes to play catch and will surprise you with his aim. He is a lefty, which makes his Daddy very happy. He wants to wear shoes the entire time he is awake, and would keep his jacket on all day if I let him. He reminds me of a teenage boy the way he walks around with his hands in his pockets, even if he has to squeeze them in to fit. Reece is the best sleeper I have ever had. He goes to sleep without a fit, wakes with a "Momma!" and takes a 2-3 hour nap right on schedule. He eats constantly and is obsessed with all kinds of granola bars. Although his phase of bananas and blueberries is over, he still loves all things healthy.
He is in no hurry to prove anything. Reece didn't walk until 16 months and he still doesn't say a lot. But, I know he is growing steadily and right on target. I am so excited to hear his mind and look forward to the year ahead. I am so very thankful to have the opportunity and great privilege of training, raising and loving this Man of God. Thank you Reece Man for everyday you bring joy to my heart!
*2 yr old photoshoot coming soon:)

Monday, April 11, 2011


My morning coffee-on-the-porch ritual has spread to my children. This morning I found hot chocolate cups left all over the place. It is a perfectly cloudy damp morning, but our windows have been left open for days now. So the emptied, inviting cups have remained in place, just because I think they are pretty and telling.


We have been sick.
We have been sleeping, among other unmentionable things, a lot.
We are all well now. Lovely.