Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Avery learns to share

You know when you have a couple of kids running around and the baby screams 'cause she wants something...well, everyone just kind of gives her whatever she wants just to stop the screaming. Somehow it all works together like a nice machine and you don't even realize it is happening. UNTIL... a friend comes to visit. Especially if this friend happens to be a boy... Yes, Avery's friend Owen dropped by for the day and they learned to share, ALL DAY! It was a fabulous day of learning and I realized what a selfish, tempered little girl I have. Oh don't those boys bring out the best in us. On a side note, can I just say how much I appreciate parents who discipline and train, (YES I said THOSE words) their children. It makes it so much easier to babysit them. Owen was a delight to have around, not only did he STOP doing whatever it was he was doing when I said, "No", but he also taught my little girl to share. Please come back, Owen. We had fun!

God and His chores.

After working on our weekly verse,
Romans 8:28 "In all things God works for the good for those who love Him."
I asked Annalee if she understood what it meant, she said , very matter of factly,
"Yes, God works at the Goodwill."
I seriously almost choked.
Then we were talking about it again later, because that is the point, to talk about it all week...
She was repeating it after me and explaining to Shelby that,
"It is God's chore to turn bad things into good, you know kind of like the Goodwill."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cleaning Day

I found a new trick... How to clean house with three kids running around.... Invite freinds over so they will stay outside all day!! We invited Jacob and Becca over to play and I got the whole house cleaned in three hours, floors and all. When I was done, they came in and slept for three hours while I did work on the computer and read. Ah, the productivity, who would have thought?!

Synergy '08

What an awesome time we had at our last business conference! God is so good! We took 17 people with us and had a blast. Check out this link for a brief overview of the weekend. The best part is always Sunday. We took 8 new people with us and 5 of them accepted Christ on Sunday, at the optional church service (not part of the conference, per say)!!! 2 of the 8 had already accepted Christ at our church a few weeks ago. We are so blessed and very aware of God's grace as He has allowed us to use this business to reach so many people for His kingdom. I think of this new couple on our team who had NO hope for their lives until they met this team. I am only repeating their words... previous to the business, were involved in drugs, dead-end jobs at the grocery store and struggling with depression. Because of a hope and a future, friends who really care and a new found purpose, they are drug free, happy to be alive and look forward to the lives they will touch on their way to Heaven!!! Did I mention we make good money, too? God is good!!! Looking forward to the next one...

Happy Birthday Liz!

Last week we celebrated my sister's birthday. What a fun day! We started out at Starbucks, I mean, how else would you prepare for a day of shopping?!

Then we shopped, shopped and shopped for quality wardrobe basics. We were very diligent to not be distracted by the super cute, trendy, on sale styles and got only fashionable basics that will stand the test of time, not too long of a time, cause we sure do enjoy SHOPPING!

Then we went out to eat with our parents who were classic, I mean classic. And if you need more details, go here. Happy Birthday Liz! P.S. I am risking missing Body Pump (that would be a tradgedy) this morning to post this JUST FOR YOU!

Friday, July 18, 2008

riding along

We have had a crazy two weeks! After the wedding in CO. We left the girls there for six days with Shane's family! I have never been without the kids for that length of time, and never without a big event happening. I was just at home, and they weren't there. I thought I would miss them like crazy, but it was all so fast. It was the 4th of July weekend and so we were very busy, and I didn't even have time to miss them. In fact, I didn't even really have time to enjoy them being gone. I know, some of you think I am a mean mom, but you have three babies in three years and then see if you aren't looking forward to a few days alone... It was a good time all around, though , and I look forward to more "times with Nannie and Pops!" Oh, the irony! I just took a break from posting to use the bathroom and in a matter of about 12 seconds from entering the bathroom, my oldest comes in, "Mommy!", I say "Really, can you wait a minute?", Then my second comes in and says, "Mommy!", I say, "Go out, give me a minute." then she leaves the door open and my baby comes toddling in and trys to stick her hand in the toilet while I am using it. So see, I was really looking forward to a bathroom trip in privacy. So the girls arrived back safely after their Nannie flew with all three of them, by herself from CO! I know, she is pretty amazing. She stayed for 3 days and I kind of stayed out of the picture to give her the time with them. She loves every minute! Then I dropped the girls off at my parents for three days while went to SC for a business conference. I will post about that later. So we are finally back home trying to settle back into routine. It was a crazy couple of weeks , and a good break from reality, but I thrive on routine. So here we go again...

Monday, July 07, 2008

New Millers

Well, there are not really new. Shane's brother Brett, and his new wife Lindsey were married last weekend. In true fashion, our family participated as the officiant, a bridesmaid and both walking and non-walking flower girls. This seems to be a role in life we have gladly fulfilled and hope to do more of, what an honor! Two more sibiling to go... Sadly, I did not get a picture of the bride and groom, What was I thinking?! But, none-the-less here are a few pictures from the weekend. This picture is of Shane and I being silly. This is where they said their vows, beautiful!

Annalee being prissy.

Avery being sleepy. Pops was amazing all night. He gracioulsy allowed Avery to throw up all over his shirt!

Shelby dancing with Nanny.

Cherith (Shane's sister), Lindsey and I at a bridesmaids breakfast. I am so excited to have these ladies in my life!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Here are some pictures of the girls from their weekend with Aunt Liz...