Monday, November 30, 2009


Before Thanks to the talented little sister, Liz, I have more editing techniques in my tool box. She teaches me all kind of new things, if I ask politely, aaaaand offer a cup of coffee:) Just kidding, she passes on information quite readily. But, today I am especially grateful. I feel like I have so much photography power at my fingertips now. Here is a quick before and after. Stay tuned for better pictures from now on!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Girl Hair

In our house, you are officially a big girl if you get your hair "done." Congratulations Avery. You are moving up in the world!

Reece Love

Checking for Eggs

Every morning Annalee checks for eggs after breakfast. It is a chore she owns proudly. This is her Happy Egg Finding Face.

Fall Morning Dew

Eye Candy

Thursday, November 05, 2009

6 Months

Wow, time really has gone fast. I realized Reece is a full blow army crawler and I totally missed the progression. I mean, I am home with the little guy all day, you think I would have seen it. My mom pointed out that you could feel his first tooth. He eats a steady diet of avocados, bananas, and mashed up whatever-we-ate-for-dinner. Whew, I can't keep up with him. Here he is in all his cuteness living it up for the camera. He was way more interested in that ball than me, but what can I say, he is his father's son.

Going Green

So, I finally got around to updating the wallpapered bathroom. Check out this fresh look.

Snapshots of my Home

New project, finished. Inspiration right here.
Drying herbs.
Shoes galore.
Gift bag from our recent Accelerate party. Our church is launching a fundraising campaign and we hosted a meeting at our house. It is an amazing faith journey that has already begun to change so many lives. Check out the church.
Invite for a shower I am hosting for my dear friend Mia.
More shoes.
New dishtowels for the new season.
Fall decor.
Fresh cut mums from my yard.
Favorite spot to read.
I think pictures tell such a story. That is why I like them, a lot. Here a few shots of our home yesterday. They tell a little bit of the story of our lives. I really like a quote I came across a few years ago, "How you spend your days is of course, how you spend your life." I know this is such a profound thought, but really, don't fool yourself.

Apple Festival

Our friends Rachel and Justin invited us, (well we actually invited ourselves) to the Madison County Apple Festival. We had tons of fun playing in the hay maze, checking out the local vendors, eating really bad burgers and watching cloggers. The girls loved the cloggers. They even ended up on the stage clogging the afternoon away. We pushed all five girls around in the double jogger and the little guys hung out by them selves. It was super fun and absolutely beautiful! Have I mentioned that I love the Fall, I mean, I really LOVE the Fall!

Thank You Grandmommie!

My mom is awesome. She is always thinking of us and picking up random items here and there. She stops by to see the kids always bring treats to share. She babysits when I am in a pinch. She is the BEST cook, ever, hands down, no comparison, just ask Shane. She looks beautiful, and increasingly cool. And, I love her. We have fun. So thanks to a great mom and grandma. In this picture she stopped by with a suprise McDonalds picnic. Whoo-hoo!