Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Haul Out the Holly

I have always wanted to host a classic Christmas open house. I think of the candles, goodies, hot drinks, coats and scarves piled on a bed, the music, the door opening and closing each time guests come or leave allowing a welcomed burst of outside cold into the warm cozy home, I love it all. Well, this year I got my wish. I had such an enjoyable (and exhausting) time baking and decorating for the party. It was a beautiful night with lots of friends. Come join us next year.

Heat wave

December is so unpredictable. One day it is 30 degrees and you have to bundle up to get the mail. The next it is warm enough to go for a run in shorts. We took advantage of the beautiful warm weather this past week. The girls love to play in the front yard while waiting for Daddy to come home for lunch.

Miller faces

The many faces of Annalee and Shelby. Please forgive the blurry pictures. They never hold still in the bathtub. Note the tramatizing effects of Annalee on her unsuspecting little sister. Shelby is so very dramatic.

Thanks Nanny!

Shane's mother is a fabulous dress maker. She made these beautiful dress for the girls. We get so many comments on them each time they wear them. They have been great for the holidays!

Birthday Fun in November

November 20th is mine and Shelby's birthday's. My mother's is the 22nd. It was fun to have us all in close proximity so be could have a big (well, kind of small) celebration! We had a big lunch with the VA family including my sister and Shane's brother. We had a strawberry-cream cheese cake. Hmmm... I wonder when it was that I started making my own birthday cake. Oh, yeah, when I married a man. My parents got the girls a kitchen set. We got Shelby a baby doll which she loves to love. I made my mom one of those super warm double knotted fleece blankets. I could go to sleep just thinking about it. So many goodies!!! It was a fun time by all. Shelby particularly enjoyed the part where she had emerged her hand in a glob of ice cream and began to scream for no apparent reason. We soon discovered the frostbitten fingers and warmed them with love and kisses. P.S. Annalee continues to sing "Happy Birthday" to herself daily. Everyday she asks when her birthday is. We always answer the same thing..."In the Summer." Poor girl has no clue how long away that is.