Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where have we been?

We have been in a trasition, a LONG one! I don't have any final reports for you, but prayerfully, we will soon. Until then, I won't spend too much time trying to fill you in on the past year, but rather, I will update on our present excitements. Here are a few photos of the past several months. I promise I will do better from now on...:)
Shelby and her Daddy Baby Avery at the 4th of July, only a few weeks old.
Avery and her Mommy in the fall, love that face!
Sisters Annalee and Shelby in the Fall
Shelby at the beach in the Fall
Annalee running around in the Summer


km said...

You are a beautiful family! Thanks for posting these pics.

Sherri said...
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Sherri said...

Hope you all are well and had a great Easter! It is amazing how much your girls look alike. I found your blog through facebook and have enjoyed seeing what you have been up to! I especially love the most recent photos, they are gorgeous. Our blog is if you want to check it out! Take care :)