Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Easter 2010

Did I ever tell you about our fabulous Easter Egg Hunt? Oh, no...I was "Blog Fasting." That has become about as popular as a "Dating Fast" was at the Christian college I attended. I have participated in both:) Anyway.... The Easter Egg hunt was super fun and I plan to try it again next year. We had a great turnout, not too many, just right. The weather was perfect and the activities, well I will let the pics speak for themselves. If you missed it this year, come out next time!!
The cutest day old chicks that did actually survive the hands of numerous three year olds, but later suffered their demise in a single night no thanks to some ratty old racoons:(
Eli digs for icing. Check out his super cool mo-hawk.
Shleby eating her decorations
Can a cookie have too many sprinkles?
I think not.
And so began the era of Addy wearing accessories that are bigger than her head:)
Ready, Set, Go!
"Only 17 Each!"
"Share with the little kids!"

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Randi Legates said...

Looks like fun, love the baby chicks!