Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So, Annalee and Shelby have had almost 5 years together. They have both been talking and playing with each other for the past 3 years. Avery has been around for those 3 years, but only able to communicate and play with them for about 1. I fear Avery will never be able to "break in" the relationship A and S have. They exclude her often even now. Of course, she is still less mature then the older ones, but she will always be that way. I take as many opportunities as I can to remove Annalee so that Avery and Shelby can have time to develop their relationship. They are just as close in age as Shelby and Annalee. It also doesn't help that Shelby and Avery clash often due to the strong wills present on both sides. Annalee is such a peacemaker and Shelby is usually willing to follow her big sister, but the younger two fight a lot. All you siblings out there...anyone have any advice?

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angela said...

I really have no advice. But I think it will resolve itself in time. :)