Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reece is 2!

Reece Christian Zadok "Zealous Christ-follower Warrior Priest." Although he has a long way to go, he well on his way to living up to his name. Reece turned 2 yesterday!
This little man is the baby of the bunch, the only brother and the quiet strength in our family. He is content to play with his cars, trucks, motorcycles, and baseballs for hours. But, don't come near his toys, or his sippee cup, he will pull them all close yell, "No!" and turn the other way. Although we are working on manners and kindness, who can blame the guy? He does have three older sisters who tend to just take what they want. He has to be on guard. See the warrior part coming out in him?:)
I made him a gluten-free cake for his birthday. It was a rare treat and he was a bit apprehensive at first. He has kind of gotten used to the fact that he doesn't eat what we do.
The thought that he was laid back and chilled was a bit on target, but most certainly overrated as I learned at 6 months, he was not only dairy intolerant, but gluten intolerant as well. All that bad-for-him food in his body was just making him lethargic! We stopped all dairy and wheat products and he has been a happy camper; energy to spare and a smile to go with it!
Reece loves to drive, race, push and make noises with anything that has wheels. He likes to play catch and will surprise you with his aim. He is a lefty, which makes his Daddy very happy. He wants to wear shoes the entire time he is awake, and would keep his jacket on all day if I let him. He reminds me of a teenage boy the way he walks around with his hands in his pockets, even if he has to squeeze them in to fit. Reece is the best sleeper I have ever had. He goes to sleep without a fit, wakes with a "Momma!" and takes a 2-3 hour nap right on schedule. He eats constantly and is obsessed with all kinds of granola bars. Although his phase of bananas and blueberries is over, he still loves all things healthy.
He is in no hurry to prove anything. Reece didn't walk until 16 months and he still doesn't say a lot. But, I know he is growing steadily and right on target. I am so excited to hear his mind and look forward to the year ahead. I am so very thankful to have the opportunity and great privilege of training, raising and loving this Man of God. Thank you Reece Man for everyday you bring joy to my heart!
*2 yr old photoshoot coming soon:)

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happy birthday, sweet boy!!