Monday, May 16, 2011


Several months back, our pastor taught a marriage series entitled "Sugar&Spice." Our very talented video producer, Bethany Ufema, made a super cute trailer for it, starring one of my favorite couples, The Beckers. Yes, we make our own videos in house. Yes, she is that good:) All that to say...we decided to host a Sugar&Spice Bonfire. Here is the original invite..
Ok, Ladies and Gents... Here is your chance to show off those culinary skills. We are going to have a good old fashioned ice cream social/wing fest/bonfire all wrapped up into one night. Men- your mission if you should choose to accept it is to create the best wing sauce you can come up with. It can be sweet, spicy, zesty or ranchy...your choice. Ladies, you are on ice cream duty. Homemade is the only requirement. If you don't have an ice cream maker, ask around. I have a couple:) Millers will provide all the paper products, hot dogs for the kiddos, condiments, ice, the fire and the bathroom. Since we don't need, or expect everyone to bring sauce and ice cream, we will need help with a few other things: frozen wings, deep fryers, drinks and sides. Please make sure you RSVP. I know this is not normal for our generation, but it is very necessary as we prepare. Thanks!! Looking forward to a SWEET night. Or HOT. Or, well, however you want to describe it. Please feel free to spread the word, just make sure to RSVP for all guests.
Even though the rain totally took over, we were determined to party hard! It was a huge success! The night filled my home, my belly and my heart. Shane and I often talk of how blessed we are that God not only gave us a shared passion for relationships, but the capacity to invest in them. Not all husbands would be excited to host such an event. Not all wives would have been up for it either. Not that that makes us great, but rather, just perfect for each other. I love that! I am also blown away at the people God has filled, and I mean, FILLED our life with. I am so passionate about others being blessed by the same people know. I just want everyone to know my friends, my church, my family, my God. They make life so rich. And because of them, I am I full:)

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Ashley said...

Your pics are beautiful, but no where near shows how much fun that was! The community that we share together, the fun we had at your house packed into the garage with all the friends we love fills my heart to overflowing! Thank you Millers for being the people-lovers you are and for creating an environment where food, fun and fellowship are enjoyed by all. xoxo! -The North's