Monday, June 06, 2011


I love my ladies lifegroup. We spend every Wednesday morning swimming through endless chatter in order to dive deep into the life changing biblically based studies we choose each semester. The spiritual growth of the individuals is reflected in the group as a whole not only in our meetings each week, but everyday as we serve our families, our church, our community and ultimately our God. We are so very privileged to be able to do this "life" together and God designed it that way! He not only created us for fellowship, but provided it for us according to our individual needs. THAT astounds me! Well, enough preaching, I am really here to tell you about a beautiful, fun girl's night we had last week.
I teamed up with my friend Tammie to put on a Mid Summer's Night Soriee. I am not sure what defines a soriee, but it sure does sound girlie, so we ran with it. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. But, I will let you know, it was classy, a bit whimsical, elegant and altogether lovely. I enjoyed every moment of the planning, the crafting (thanks to a late night with Tammie making messy yarn balls), the shopping, the cooking and finally the evening itself. The sunsetting on our cream and gold themed party was breathtaking. While the glowing candles kept us calm, the stories and laughter recharged our hearts. I love these ladies!

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