Monday, March 05, 2012


Getting better each day.

Stretching beyond comfort.

Going beyond.

There are many ways to describe it, but growth is hard. It is sometimes painful and it is certainly life changing. That is the exciting part.

I am watching growth happen all around me. Shelby, my six year old keeps trying to wear the same pair of high-water jeans. They get shorter and shorter each time she puts them on. But, she says they are skinny jeans and that is "okay" because she tucks them into her boots and you can't see how short they are. That is unless we are going to the gym and she is wearing tennis shoes. Um, yeah, we go to the gym everyday. We were tennis shoes when we go to the gym. You can see where I am going with this.

My two and a half year old Reece, who wouldn't speak a word until about three months ago won't stop talking. He sounds so grown-up when he says things like, "Annalee, I want to play Angry Birds on Daddy's IPad after you." He then proceeds to play the game by himself, navigating through the menu, starting and ending games on his own accord. This is amazing to me. Of course that is coming from the girl who's husband had to tell her the reason her tablet wasn't charging was because she had the power cord plugged into the headphone port. Yeap, that was me. There is defiantly room for growth there.

My husband is in hot pursuit of God's presence as God is "pulling greatness" out of him. I see him changing right before my eyes. Not that he wasn't pretty great already. God was using him in big ways. God was being glorified in his circle of influence. But, I believe God has greater things on the horizon. I believe he is preparing Shane for a bigger circle of influence. One he is not currently ready to handle. So, growth must occur. That, my friends is exciting...

...and scary. If I am his partner, his helpmate, his supporter, what does that mean for me? I am to be his partner, his helpmate, his supporter even as he grows. I don't imagine for one second that I am ready to handle that role without growing myself. So, I grow. I want to be real. I want to be whole. I want to be strong. This blog is devoted to that journey.

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