Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Liz!

Last week we celebrated my sister's birthday. What a fun day! We started out at Starbucks, I mean, how else would you prepare for a day of shopping?!

Then we shopped, shopped and shopped for quality wardrobe basics. We were very diligent to not be distracted by the super cute, trendy, on sale styles and got only fashionable basics that will stand the test of time, not too long of a time, cause we sure do enjoy SHOPPING!

Then we went out to eat with our parents who were classic, I mean classic. And if you need more details, go here. Happy Birthday Liz! P.S. I am risking missing Body Pump (that would be a tradgedy) this morning to post this JUST FOR YOU!


Lizzz said...

First, THANK YOU for posting. Second, I love how you used your copywriting talents to carefully choose the most polite words to say "she wears boring clothes" hahaha. LOVE the photo of Mommy & Papa!!

Love you! I hope you made it to Body Pump!

Kim said...

that looks like such a fun day. i miss you. we were in lincoln ALL weekend and i tried talking heith into moving back ;)

angela said...

looks like lots of fun. and can i just say that jackie, you look so beautiful!!

Megan said...

You two are so beautiful! (I haven't met you but I am a friend of Liz's)

Lizzz said...

p.s. I am making a very mommy-like face in that last pic... I think it's funny. :)