Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Synergy '08

What an awesome time we had at our last business conference! God is so good! We took 17 people with us and had a blast. Check out this link for a brief overview of the weekend. The best part is always Sunday. We took 8 new people with us and 5 of them accepted Christ on Sunday, at the optional church service (not part of the conference, per say)!!! 2 of the 8 had already accepted Christ at our church a few weeks ago. We are so blessed and very aware of God's grace as He has allowed us to use this business to reach so many people for His kingdom. I think of this new couple on our team who had NO hope for their lives until they met this team. I am only repeating their words... previous to the business, were involved in drugs, dead-end jobs at the grocery store and struggling with depression. Because of a hope and a future, friends who really care and a new found purpose, they are drug free, happy to be alive and look forward to the lives they will touch on their way to Heaven!!! Did I mention we make good money, too? God is good!!! Looking forward to the next one...

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