Friday, January 23, 2009

We love the Children's Museum

Annalee rings up an apple for my mom.
The Richmond Children's Museum is so cool. It has an open floor-plan, so if you are a 7 mth prego mother like me, who prefers to watch her children play rather than actually play with them, it is perfect. I can sit on the bench and keep an eye on all three curious minds. Annalee is pretty much obsessed with all sorts of dressing up and pretending. She was a firefighter in the ambulance, a cashier at the grocery store, a banker at the ATM and of course, a ballerina on the stage. Shelby spent the entire time by herself digging in the fossils. Avery was a wander ending up in the corner eating gluesticks in the art room. So much for being able to keep an eye on her the whole time, Oops. P.S. The day I get a decent camera is the day I will stop appologizing for such HORRIBLE pictures. Sorry.

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