Monday, June 08, 2009

Girls update

Annalee is quite the lady, always trying to be a princess, ballerina, tea hostess, teacher or something very proper.
Shelby is searching for her own way to be both the little sister and the big sister. I work in small ways each day to allow her time alone with Avery so she can become a leader, too. Shelby and Avery have a very different relationship than Shelby and Annalee. They love more physicaly, wrestling often. They also fight a lot more than the other two. I think it comes down to the fact that Avery doesn't communicate very well yet and so there is a lot of screaming and grabbing, when there should be questions and sharing. We will get there. That is what I tell myself.
Then Annalee shows up and may or may not take too well not not being in charge:) The look on Shelby's face is priceless.

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