Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

So, I meant to tell the world that I love my husband for many reasons, but today I just want you to know what a great father he is. The List (in no particular order):
He reads to the kids
He bathes them at the end of the day when I have run dry of patience
He likes to play with them, like run around and get sweaty (I hate to get sweaty)
He makes a mean egg sandwhich when Mommy is not available to make dinner
He can change diapers, and does on occasion
He can be trusted to take care of all four little ones, by himself for an entire day
He teaches them about the love of God at every opportunity
He leaves them (even when he would rather stay) to go out and get the job done
He tells them Bible stories, and remembers all the details
He holds the baby during dinner so I can eat
He is a consistent disciplinarian even when it is easier to look the other way
He attends tea parties at our dining room table with the girls
He recognises and praises each child for his/her uniqueness
He goes on runs with Annalee
He antagonises Shelby to no end just to hear her say, “No, it’s Shel-BEE.”
He falls asleep nearly every night with Avery “tucking her in”
He has big dreams of teaching Reece about all things manly
Most of all, his my husband and their father
And that makes him perfect for us.


Sara said...

What a beautiful tribute to a man who is perfectly suited to you. Praise God! Love you both!! xxoo

angela said...

So sweet. I love the tea party one. You guys are great together!

shane miller said...

This is my favorite post ever!!!