Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Four months, and loving it

Meet Mr. Personality. Reece is such a blessing to our family. His dimpled smile lights up a room. We can be with friends and he will smile and everyone stops talking and takes a moment to share the joy. This really happens. All the time. He has been rolling over for a while, but he recently is strong enough to play in the exersaucer by himself. He still likes to be held, a lot. That is ok, because the days are getting cooler, which means wearing him in a sling is not so miserable. I love to use slings, but when you have lots of space to cool in the hot, humid Summer, it gets a little pricey. So we kept the windows open a lot and that means it gets very hot and humid inside. Therefore, holding a baby close to you all day gets a pretty hot and stinky to be quite honest. We like having a boy around and I spend lots of time daydreaming about his future years running around, helping Avery catch frogs and bugs. We love our Reece Man.

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Lizzz said...

I loved hearing about Reece!! I haven't seen enough of him... but I do love all the little smiles that are sent my way. :D