Monday, December 21, 2009

Birthday #4

Shelby blowing out her candles at her Birthday Tea Party.
Annalee thanking God for her little sister.
The big 4 year old.
The goods.
Shelby Lynn Miller is a silly, spunky, slightly strong-willed little girl. She has a dangerous smile and eyes that will make you melt. She knows exactally how to get to her Daddy's heart, just a little look, just a little, "Daddy, will you hold me?" She's a smart one. She enjoys her sisters, loves to be held (as much as possible), would rather sit than run, would rather let someone else do it and can make you laugh on cue. She plays an important role in this family. She knows we enjoy her antics and pulls them out when most needed. She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, but just not in a defiant way. In fact, if you aren't looking, you may not even notice that she disobeyed. We keep our eyes out and are training her often. I love this little girl. I love her smile, her heart and her place in our lives.