Monday, December 21, 2009

Thanksgiving, Part I

The girls playing on the pier.
Annalee, wearing Shelby coat, looking out at the ocean.
Lots of computer time.
Shane holding Shelby.
Tommy loving on Liz
Annalee and my mom sharing a moment.
Avery and Shane hanging out. Side note: Avery loves animals, because she loves to boss them around. She had a puppy on the end of this leash, the whole time.
4 Days at Oak Island, NC. I have to admit, I was not that excited about spending 4 days at a beach house with my husband, our many small children, my sister, her husband, my mom and dad and two puppies. Not that I don't love each and everyone of those components, except the puppies, but 4 days, in a small beach rental, with a lot of rain in the forecast, was not my idea of relaxation. I have a problem with clutter and disorganization, and I just saw visions of messiness everywhere. My skin gets crawly just thinking about it.
But, I was wrong. The rain stayed away, the air was crisp, the house stayed relativly clean, the kids weren't bored, Shane was a HUGE help, as always, and we loved it. It was relaxing, fun, a little sureal and definatley something I want to do again. My generous brother-in-law allowed us to come in and take over the beach house and was ever-so-graciously patient with us.
Shane's Mom had sown Pilgrim outfits for the girls and Reece, and matching ones for their American Girl dolls. One year for Shelby's birthday she had sown Indian outfits to go with a Perter Pan costume set she sent for a present. So we packed up the Pilgrim and Indian outfits and the girls played dress up all weekend. They were a hit at the beach and on the pier! So much fun, so many memories.

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