Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dinner Party

I love Christmas time. I love to entertain. I love to entertain at Christmas time. This year we have been to 6 parties, 3 of which we hosted.
One was a 1yr old birthday party, designed by my fashionista friend, Mia. Complete with a handmade hanging branch banner and owl tree ornaments, this little girl's party was magazine worthy.
The next evening we hosted a party for a group of volunteers at our church. Even though the cookies outnumbered the 60+ guests by about 12 to 1 , we found good use for the leftovers and the night was a success!
Finally, this Sunday evening we hosted a small dinner party for a few of our pastors and their wives. Elegant simplicity was the theme and although the underdone /had to be cooked a little more pork loin, and the crazy textured chocolate cheesecake were nothing to write home about. I was more than pleased with the evening. I could drink up unhurried, laid-back, honest, un-pretentious, intimate conversation any day of the week. My cup runneth over.
Dinner Party Menu
Melted Brie topped with Caramel and Walnuts
Served with Toasted Orange Cranberry Bread
Virgin Cosmopolitans
Roasted Thyme and Garlic Stuffed Pork Loin
Served with Roasted Pears
Butternut Squash with Wilted Spinach and Dried Cranberries
Buttered and Herb Yeast Rolls
Hot Vanilla topped with Chocolate Cinnamon Whipped Cream
Chocolate Cheesecake topped with Strawberries


Natalie said...

Yay!!! It happened!!!! I want more pictures!

angela said...

Sounds very lovely!