Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Failed Dreads

Back in November, or maybe it was October, I decided to put dreads in my hair.
I had been wanting them for years, and finally decided it was time.
After many hours of research, I found a method called twist and rip. It is pretty self explanatory. I liked the corkscrew look and their lack of craziness.
Apparently, it is not a well known method, and there is reason for it...
They fell out. Well, the bottom 1/2 did, and i aided the rest. I loaded them with conditioner, laid under the water and combed them out. It actually worked quite well, with minimal damage. I lost the dreads, but gained the experience and it def killed the dread bug inside of me, for a while at least:) What can I say, I am always willing to try most anything.

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