Thursday, January 20, 2011

Square Foot Gardening

We have begun a new adventure in gardening. My last two gardens have not been
raving successes, so.... I moving on to fail proof, or so we are hoping. Good thing is, my husband love projects and food, so this is a good one. I can't believe we are starting in Jan, but what can I say? This is the time to build. I have to admit, it is giving me a bit of spring fever.
Got the boots out...
Planks laid out ready to be assembled.
One box nearly finished, until the accident... That is another story:)
Shelby is just sayin' Hi~
Kids hanging out in the tree house. They helped lug boards around all morning, so the break was well deserved.

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Sherri said...

You are going to LOVE this method! We did not have to weed even once! The best thing I learned was not to plant anything that has a deep root system. The 6" of "Mel's mix" wasn't quite deep enough for our radishes, onions and carrots. Have fun!