Saturday, February 19, 2011

Inaugural Bonfire!

We had our first bonfire of the year. With the temps in the 70's all day an evening under the stars was calling our name. I love the atmosphere of a bonfire. The kids are off in wonderland running back and forth across the yard, playing in the tree house, jumping on the tramp and just getting lost in the freedom they have. The men do all the roasting and fire stoking while discussing very manly things on their side of the fire. Inevitably the ladies end up clustered together dancing that fine line of staying warm and dodging the smoke. Time becomes irrelevant and we lose count of how many smores the kids have had. They keep coming back for more and we say yes, because it is fun that way. The crowd dissipates as the kiddos begging to melt. Shelby falls asleep in Shane's lap and Avery gets more hyper by the second. The circle of friends tightens and the men and women merge into one conversation. The moon is bright and the thoughts of an early morning cross my mind. But, I push them away for just one more marshmallow. I relish these evenings. There is something to be said for the freedom we all have just to enjoy.
*Please forgive the ridiculous poetic overkill in this post. I am feeling a bit sentimental this morning.

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Joy said...

I just left this comment, and it didn't go through! ... I can't tell you how much I LOVE the Miller bonfires, as if you couldn't tell! ;) I'm so grateful for the many friendships between our families, and the many memories we share. Love you guys!