Monday, September 18, 2006

Hiking in the "mountains"

Last Sat. we headed up to the mountains with the girls. Shane has always teased that the mountains here are just hills, compared to his mountains in Colorado. We have been looking forward to a hike since we moved here. Now that I got my ergo carrier, we loaded up the girls and headed out. It was perfect weather, low 80's. The girls did great, exploring everything. We hiked for about 3 miles. We found a doe and her two little babies. There weren't 20 yards from us. It was quite the experience. Oh, how we love VA!!! Click here for more pictures


angela said...

Jack, seriously, you are gorgeous!! I love reading about your life. It's so beautiful.

Liz said...

The link says it's a private page??

Sara said...

Hey! We have those little flower shoes :) Nice Ergo. I miss you.