Monday, February 05, 2007

Christmas Scrapbook part I

The girls had a blast playing in ALL the Colorado snow!
My two aspiring artists spent their days practicing their talents, twirling and playing the days away.
Shane's brother, Brett, and his girlfirend Lindsey treated us to a Nuggets basketball game and a private tour of the facilities. It was a fabulous time had by all. Thanks Brett and Lindsey!!
Annalee was a flower girl in our freinds' Bryan and Jenny's wedding. She had so much fun dancing all night with her Daddy. She danced every single song from 7:00-10:00. We had to drag her off the dance floor.
The travel was crazy as we had three snow/ice storms to get through on our trip. Shane is an excellent snow driver and got us to our destinations safely, even if the 6 hour trips took 10 hours. Hey, great family time in the car, right?!


Natalie said...

My favorite pics are of your little dancing girl!

angela said...

Annalee looks BEAUTIFUL in her dress. Looks like a fun, fun time.

I missed you all this past weekend too. I'm sure you had so much fun. When is the next weekend?