Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Walk

This is us headed out for our little walk... Beautiful happy girls.
This is us about 20 min. later. Annalee walking with her snow boots and scrunched down socks "They hurt my feet, Mommy!", Shelby stealing Avery's covers all nice and toasty curled up in a ball, and then there is Avery who seems OK with the 20 degree air on her high-water exposed legs, hmmm.. maybe we will walk faster next time.
I love Sunday's at our house. It is the one day a week where we do nothing but rest and have family fun. Shane can't stand to sit still for more than a couple of hours so we often "do" something on that day as well. A typical Sunday at our house may include: A big breakfast of apple pancakes with home made whipped cream, or muffins from the oven and fresh fruit, then it is off to church where we are guaranteed to meet God and friends in an incredibly refreshing time of worship. Then it is home for a simple lunch with or without guests and then a wonderful nap time for all family members. After that is when Shane's gets bored and we are off "doing" something. Lots of times we head to my parents house or to the park. Last Sunday we bundled up and walked the mile down the road to the grocery store to pick up a last minute dinner idea. It was super cold and got dark before we returned, but we enjoyed the fresh air and exercise. I love Sundays!!!!!!!!

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angela said...

sounds like a wonderful sunday.
ps - i'm with Shane. I usually get pretty bored on Sundays and by 4pm, I'm ready to DO SOMETHING!!!