Monday, March 08, 2010

Project Simplify

I have been simplifying my whole life. I love to purge, clean, and organize. I have so many color coded excel spreadsheets on my computer it is embarrassing. I rarely print them out, but it makes me feel good to know they are there and I do use them in my head if that makes sense. It makes me feel in control, in a good way. I hate clutter and excess. My parents recount a story of me when I was four. They went to a furniture store and set me in the little playroom the store had provided. When they were done shopping they came back to find that I had cleaned up the whole playroom. I also remember going to friends' houses and spending my entire allotted "three hours" cleaning their room so that I could play. Just when I was done cleaning and organizing, I would get the call saying it was time to go home. It happened often enough for me to remember:) My wonderful husband knows I can't relax until all is in order and he is so helpful in making that happen. That said, I am on a simplifying rampage this month. I mentioned some ideas in the last post. I will be posting in detail about each project. Here is my Spring meal plan. We will use this for 12 weeks and then switch in June to a summer meal plan. This will help me know what to buy at the store and help not to buy extras. Not in the plan, ya know. I am excited to see it work.


B- Steel cut oatmeal

L- Chicken curry w/ veggies and rice

D- Pb&j


B- Muffins/fruit

L- Black bean, red pepper & mango sweet potatoes

D- Quesadillas & salsa


B- Cereal

L- Baked chicken sticks and baked fries

D- Nachos


B- Eggs/toast

L- Summer veggie soup/ cheddar biscuits

D- Southwestern omelets/chips


B- Smoothies/toast

L- Shredded chicken flautas

D- Mac & cheese



L- Salmon/ sweet potatoes / asparagus

D- Whole wheat pizza


B- Fresh baked cinnamon raisin bread

L- Egg Sandwiches / chips & salsa

D- Leftovers

From The Sneaky Chef



Kim said...

very interesting to see you have your most time consuming/prep needy meal at lunch. mine is always dinner and i usually start it in the middle of the day so it is ready to go at dinner. it must be spring that's got us both itching b/c i am in serious purge mode myself! have fun!

Kim said...

i forgot to mention two things. we eat a very heavy mexican diet as well! quesadillas are made for at least one of us every single day. and last, i will never forget the time you whipped my kitchen into shape. i think i just sat there and watched mostly b/c you were like a mad woman just cleaning away!

Here we go... said...

Haha, I totaly forgot I did that. WHY did I do that?! I hoped you asked. Knowing me, you didn't:( The reason we eat our big meal at lunch is because Shane is home from 11:30-3:30 and doesn't get back until 8.So, I feed myself and the kids something easy for dinner. he usually has some kind of egg-related dinner.