Friday, March 05, 2010

Random Report

We having been having lots of fun around here. The sun has been shining, so lots of time outside makes for happy kids, happy mommy and happy puppies!
My dryer broke so I have been relishing the forced clothes line drying method, which I love anyway. It is just easier not to cheat this way.
The puppies have been lots of fun and I will continue to rave about my decision to get two. It is so much easier as they keep each other company and play a lot together, making them less of a stress on my furniture and household.
Avery is developing quiet the personality. She is silly and spunky with a strong will. Very expressive and smart, she has a quick wit and will have you both steaming from anger and laughing in an instant. I was trying to get her to take a pair of shoes up to her room. She replyed, "I can't." I asked, "Why?" She grabbed her lower lip with her fingers and said, " I'm hoeding my ips." I had to walk away.
We have been getting ready for the ball. That is so much fun! I will post pictures next week.
I found the best accessory shop in the world this week, Charming Charlies. I was in heaven. It is huge, organized by color, brilliant, and very reasonably priced. I was their twice in two days. Oh yeah!
Shane and I are in a fun time of marriage. You know how those times just get good all of a sudden. They weren't bad by any means, but they are just extra "good" right now.
I have been having a lot of fun with my little, "secret" which I will reveal soon, I promise. Let's see, what else...
Annalee is this close to reading and learning to love it. She carries her journal around everywhere writing down things she sees. She has also learned the art of tracing.
Shelby is becoming quieter and less crazy, I think Avery has taken over that department. Shelby adores her big sister and pretty much does everything with her. She upgraded to a booster seat which allows her to come along on "quick errand" trips. Those are ones where I don't have time to be putting kiddos in and out of car seats.
I went back to cloth diapers and I forgot how much fun that was, as far as diapering goes.
I am seriously thinking about getting dreads. I have been wanting them for a long time. I am normally pretty impulsive, so I am trying to be patient with my decision.
We are preparing for an Easter Egg hunt on the 3rd out at our place. If you didn't get the FB invite and would like to come, let me know.
Reece is thinking about mobility on his feet, although no steps have been taken. He does walk all around the living room while holding onto the furniture.
I have been in serious purge mode and got rid of my kitchen table, who needs two tables? I also purged my closet three times. I went through the kids clothes and have three big boxes to give away. If you want to look through them let me know! They are going to the Goodwill soon.
Avery cut her hair, lots of it. I tried to fix it, but there is really not much you can do in a situation like that.
Shane is having great success at the gym with his youth athletes. He is also the Biggest Loser trainer this year and really helping his team reach their goals. So proud of him!
I have been cleaning up lots of random messes. Like oatmeal and sugar, pee on the bathroom floor, puppy poop, crayons on the wall, you know, mommy messes. The ones reserved just for us.
I am getting giddy with thoughts of Spring. Gardens, flowers, hanging clothes, breakfast on the front porch, running outside, races, bike rides, parties and plans, lots of plans! I love the seasons:)
I think that is about it. Really random I know, but I had to get it all out there. Remember I am trying to lesson my word burden on Shane:) Have a great weekend.


Kris Cheek said...

oh, the dreads, I am jealous of your puppies, your pictures are beautiful, I miss you, and am thankful God is blessing your marriage, I can't wait for you secret to be revealed! Hows that for random

Kris Cheek said...

that was from nat of course