Monday, October 04, 2010

DC Fest

We were invited by some friends to attend the DC Fest.Whoo-hoo -- I was really just excited to hang out with the friends! They had backstage passes. That really meant we got pushed through a line, no pictures allowed, with only enough time to give them your name, not that they remembered, and maybe get a signature. Seriously, the best part of the whole backstage thing was the free chic-fil-a meal. The headliners, Mercy Me, weren't even there. Not that I really cared. I didn't even know half of those people, and I have no desire to shake their hand, give them my name, or get a signature, but I kind of felt bad for the people who did care. I think those things cost a lot of money.
At least the whole experience only got better from there. We had second row seats. So we were up close and personal to all that crazy energy. My producer mind was rolling. Our pastor was with us. He and I were collaborating on set design and lighting ideas all night!
The line-up consisted of some people I have never heard of before. But, I did know Building 429. It is a good thing they were not on stage too long because I was totally crushing on the lead singer:)
Francesca Battistelli was looking as if she would give birth any minute. But she belted it like she had all the lung space in the world. Her interaction with her drummer/husband was too cute.
Jeremy Camp is as powerful in his worship as he appears to be in his arms. I told Shane he could grow a beard, too if he had biceps like that. I mean, his are pretty close... but, well, it is a good thing he wasn't the headliner either.
Amy Grant was in there somewhere. I think she was trying to prove a point in all of her forgiveness/love songs. All I have to say about that is her about-to-give-birth-any-day-now back-up singer and percussionist was ah-maz-ing!
Mercy Me, wrapped it up with a fabulous set. There was no crush developed there. But I did take about a thousand pics of one of the guitar players because he was such a cool rocker. I think he thought I was obsessed. But, no. I just really liked the lighting. Their songs always reach straight to my soul. I could have sang for hours. It was a wonderful night, and I will be forever grateful for these little glimpses of Heaven.

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