Friday, October 29, 2010

Yada, Yada, Yada...

We are learning about the ancient Egyptians, Moses, the Exodus, and mummies. Lots of fun hands on learning this week! Above, you can see the girls making a timeline of the plagues.
I borrowed these "bricks" from a friend who got them off of Freecycle. We built pyramids, towers and forts. I even made the girls make an assembly line. Avery had to carry the bricks one-by-one to Shelby, who then passed them off to Annalee. They didn't like that idea. So they did it all together, which , of course , is way more fun.
My kids were entertained with these bricks everyday for about 2.5 weeks. They haven't touched them since. I put them in the back of my van two days ago and nobody has even noticed. I will be returning them to my friend soon.
...Reminds me that I really want to participate a toy swap. Everyone brings a bucket of toys their kiddos won't miss and we trade. Then we do it again in a month of so. Brilliant! I hosted a freezer meal swap recently. We each made 5 of the same freezer meal. Then we met for the trade. I brought a chicken and rice dish and left with: meatloaf and mashed potatoes, poppy seed chicken casserole, chicken stroganoff with penne pasta and Cincinnati Chili (made with cinnamon and a hint of chocolate:). We all loved it so much we decided to try it again in 6 weeks, this time bringing a box of toys with us, as well. I will let you know how it goes!


Natalie said...

such a fun experience for the girls. I just got home from my morning away while Kris taught school...nice, huh! I will be calling you tomorrow to plan, plan, plan to see you in December!!!!!

angela said...

oh, my!! that sounds like so much fun!!!