Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Around the country in 5 days

We left last Tuesday for a little trip. Leaving the girls with my very accomodating mom, we headed to Atlanta for the Catalyst Confrence. I always tease by calling it the metrosexual confrence because it seems like a big fashion show for people in the ministry. But, none-the-less, there are great speakers, awesome worship and super networking ops. We were able to stay with our freinds Bryan and Amber Davidson. We hung out with many freinds while at the conference. I even got a good talk/walk in with a few girlfreinds. God is so real to me when I can see Him working in the lives of those around me. We also spent an evening with my cousin and his family. I am so excited to be closer to them! After our little stint in Atlanta we jumped on a plane to Lincoln, NE. Shane was officiating a wedding for our friend's Troy and Kate. We stayed with the Kramer's in their camping trailer. It was super nice. Big soft bed, our own space, heated... it was perfect. Of course we were able to fit in time with lots of other friends, as well. Never enough time to fit them all in. God has been so good to us. I enjoyed my days with my very good freind, Kim. We laughed, talked, hugged, shopped, ate and just lived life together for a few days. That is what I love about freinds. You can pick up right where you left off. We flew into Atlanta Sunday night and then drove through the night to get to Lynchburg Monday morning. I crawled in bed with Annalee and held her until sunrise. It was a great trip.


angela said...

that sounds like a busy but very fun time! How are Amber and Bryan doing? Remember the "holy spirit"??

Sara said...

So fun....I can't believe you were sooooo close and I didn't even know it. I could almost taste the fellowship! Come to DM!!