Monday, October 02, 2006


I love to eat out! It is probably my favorite thing to do. Especially with my husband, although I am always up for a fun group of friends. My friends from college used to eat out lots. We would drive all the ways to Roanoke or Charlottesville just for a good time with food. But, it is not the food I love. In fact, I really like my own cooking; it is the atmosphere. I would never waste my money or time with take-out. It defetes the purpose for me. I think I am this way with dessert, as well. I don't really like to eat it by myself. Eating in general is an entire experience for me. Shane always eats half his meal before he gets to the table. I think that is such a waste of calories. I would rather sit down, enjoy the time. He is just a hungry guy! Although we don't get to do it too often, it is still my first choice for fun. And, if I can't afford the meal, I often settle for a great latte at a very atmospheric coffee shop. So, come join me sometime for a night out. I know all the great places. Here is a picture of our latest dining experience. My mom treated us to Isablla's, my sister's personal favorite.


Liz said...

Mmm mm good! You came to the right town for eating out! (That's pretty much the only thing people do around here!) And -- I like your food, too.

angela said...

Fancy dining at Isabellas. It is the atmosphere and the conversation from our trips to eat out that I miss the most, not the food. I love you.

Sara said...

Yummy! Fun photos...I love your photos. Great stuff. I'm glad I'm not the only geek taking photos in restaurants.