Thursday, October 12, 2006

A day in the life of a Podany

Our friend's, the Podany's live in Lincoln, NE. They are a crazy bunch, to say the least. I enjoy observing the dynamics of different families and how they operate. We have shared many experiences with them over the past two years. When I try to think of a word that describes them, I cannot help but think "family." At first, that may sound a little uncreative, even boring. But, it is perfect for them. Not that they are uncreative or boring, oh no! They just define that word better than anyone I know. They enjoy each other. We are not the only one's who think Heath is an amazingly patient, caring, hardworking, gentle loving husband and father; Kim a beautiful, full of life, talented, fun, creativley amazing mother and wife; Blake a too-cool-for-school 5 year old; and Camyrn a tough, darling of a girl. We like them lots. I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy friends like these.

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Kim said...

AWW! I got all teary eyed! I miss you already! Come back!