Thursday, October 12, 2006

We should start charging

While in Lincoln, Shane was a college pastor. Well, as it turns out, this little college group has exploded into a breeding ground for newlyweds. We ran about 20-40 students on a regular basis. Of those 20-40, we had a core group of about 15. Let me just tell you from the time we started the group until next spring, Annalee will have been a flower girl twice, Shane will have officiated three times and been a best man once and we will have attended a total of 6 weddings, all from this core group! And, there are still who are "just dating". It has been both a pleasure and an honor to see this all unfold. Kate a Troy were married this past weekend. They are super cute together. Kate could not keep still during the ceremony, she was so excited. God often blesses me with these little glimpses of His heart.


A JoyFull Life said...

you are beautiful, Jacqulyn!

Sara said...

Love the wonderful that you have influenced the lives of all of these young wives and soon to be mothers. Just that excites ME for them...because you are such a mindful homemaker, loving and submissive wife, and caring mother. Think about all that they have witness by just being around you. You have set them up for success. Basically what I'm saying is're awesome.