Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Camera Tag

We play tag. With the camera. They run, I click. It is fun. Until someone gets hurt.


Stef said...

oh... these were So cute. The last one made me smile and then I felt super guilty.

Also, my blog is open to the public again. I kept having trouble with blogger and can't figure out how to fix it just yet. http://eatsleepadrun.blogspot.com


Deeapaulitan said...

Told you I'd pop over!
Can I just say, "WOW! What a vision statement!" It does my heart good to see intentionality toward the gospel and the kingdom. We are in the midst of planting a church and trying to shift some mindsets and hearts toward being and making disciples instead of simply consuming on Sunday morning. Reading your mission/vision totally blessed me!
We used to play camera tag too! Now it is more "camera stealth". Sneak up and capture them before they hide their faces or pull a goofy one. :)
I'll be back. So glad you left a comment!