Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friday Meals

Breakfast - Strawberry Smoothie, Ezekiel Toast

I make this smoothie with frozen strawberries, coconut milk, and a squirt of liquid stevia. Just to clear things up a bit, I do not use the coconut milk that comes in a can in the international isle. It is a half gallon container from the refrigerated section. It is not thick at all. It is available in original, unsweetened and vanilla. Ezekiel Toast is a loaf you find in the natural foods frozen section. The recipe is found in Ezekiel, hence the name. It says something about mixing 9 grains for the perfect bread. It is amazing because it actually forms a complete protein. Not sure why that is great, but is makes Shane say, "hmmm..." in a good tone, so I assume that means it is good for you. It is also made with spouted grains. Again, I am not sure why this is good for you, but every book I have ever read about healthy eating says you should eat sprouted grains, so here we go... I smear the toast with coconut oil and blackberry jam, remember the one from the farm wedding? Yeap, yummm.

Lunch Bob Evans

My mom and sister called to see if we wanted to hang out. We were treated us to Bob Evans. The kids had pancakes and bacon w/ fruit, I had an omlet and pancakes, and Shane had a BBQ sandwhich and fries. See, this is where that "reality" portion comes in:)

Dinner - Egg Burritos and Chips

Made with eggs, cheese and salsa on whole wheat tortillas. Served with corn chips and salsa.


Natalie said...

pretty picture

Stef said...

this picture made me crave smoothies!!

So, I feel like a complete weirdo, but I have to tell you, since I'm SOOOO happy about it. My husband and I got married 6 years ago and my best friend bought us the BEST wedding gift - she bought us a Cuisinart blender! We used it so much the first 2 years of our marriage and enjoyed smoothies every weekend. Then this one lovely day (I had just given birth to Rachel) I was super tired and out-of-it... I started blending a smoother, with the seal (for the bottom blade) IN the smoothie! So it chopped it up into a million little pieces :( So I put the blender away and then forgot about it. Every time I remembered it, I kept telling Jason "I need to look into getting a replacement part for that, but I'm sure its going to cost as much as the blender."

This morning, I saw this post and decided to just look online and solve this problem. The part is $10!! So I ordered it today and soon we will enjoy smoothies :)

The end.

Veronica Boulden said...

About "sprouted" grain: I think sprouted grain has something like 500 times the nutrition than regular grain that hasn't been put through the sprouting process. Some of my home school friends in the group we meet up with sprout beans and other things in their kitchen. Then they add the sprouts to recipes for extra flavor and nutritional value. I think there are "how-to" books out there and you can probably find info on the internet, if you are interested. It really is supposed to take the same bean or grain or whatever and by sprouting it, multiply it's nutritional value by hundreds... I am going to look for the bread you mentioned with the nine grains. That's cool that it makes a complete protein.