Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Thursday Meals

Breakfast - Oatmeal
Lunch - Nachos
I use yellow corn chips, cheddar cheese, salsa and avocados, all organic. My kids love this meal and I use it often when I need them to get a good fill of veggies. Sometimes I will add black beans or ground venison, but not tonight:)
Dinner - No Harm Chicken Parm, The Sneaky Chef
I love this cook book. Can I say that about a book? It is so practical and it works. My kids were great eaters as babies, eating all kinds of veggies, but now they can vomit on command. I know this for a fact. So, I don't push the "eat it all, or else, rule." We do make sure they taste all new things and sometimes we make them take several bites, but if they look like they are gonna lose it, we stop. I mean, talk about dumb. Who has to clean that up? Oh, yeah, that would be me. So, this book has all kinds of veggie purees snuck into regular kid loved meals, like chicken parm. I am not giving you the recipes because there are a lot related with this one meal. Each puree is it's own recipe, but you can go get the book, or check it out from your library. This meal had spinach, broccoli, almonds, wheat germ, whole wheat bread crumbs, and many other nutritious goodies. The kids ate it up and I only wished I had made more.

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