Thursday, February 11, 2010


Goodbye to the snow. I just wrote a really long post about how I heard everyone complaining today about this snow, and how their kids were driving them crazy. Then I erased it, on purpose. I wonder why they feel that way. This has been something I have been thinking about all day.


Natalie said...

I'd like to hear more of your thoughts about this...what I have been thinking about lately is how I can spend all day every day with my kiddos and still not be intentional with them. want to want to work on that.

Stef said...

hmmm... I wish you had posted it. This specific characteristic drives me insane. Mostly because God gives us the weather we have, so to complain about the sun or rain is to curse God, IMO.

I love what Natalie said! I think every stay-at-home mom feels this way. I know I do, and so many of my friends have commented on it. I hate the days where I feel like all we did was lay around. I know a day here and there like that is good... but too many and everyone here begins to get sick and tired, of each other! :)

Tisha said...

LOL :-) I think we are just snow light weight's. Let's face it to live in Va you have to be a heat lover. So having lots of snow is just different.
Now on the kids driving them crazy part...not me. I have mine 24/7 so we are pretty used to each other. I like having them around...hence why they are homeschooled ;-)