Thursday, February 04, 2010


Um, no. That would just be the way Shelby's hair always looks. I brush it often, at least twice a day, sometimes four or five times. It is super fine and she plays rough. There is this one spot , well, maybe like the entire back of her head as you can see, that always gets tangled and sticks up. I have tried growing it long, cutting it short, putting product in it. It just seems to like to be this way. So my new plan is to grow it very long and keep it in pigtail braids, like on The Little House on the Prairie. That would be fun.


Natalie said...

somehow this made me miss you soooo much! couldn't you come visit? And not one of our short early morning only have an hour visits...I mean days of every day some some time at my home, then shopping together, then going out for dinner with the guys and hours and hours of watching our kiddos play together...heaven. Needing time with nonministry, heart to heart friend.
love you

angela said...

Hannahhas the same thing I'm the back of her hair!!!! I had hope it would grow out ... guess not.

Sherri said...

Miles' hair does the same thing!!! Too bad the braids won't work for him :)