Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I remember PE was a joke. We got 3 points deducted if we didn't "dress out." We played kickball, softball and other games I don't really remember. I do remember a lot of standing around waiting in lines. I also remember thinking, if we have 45 minutes of exercise a day why isn't everyone fit? Who know what those hours were used on. Maybe PE programs are better these days. I hope so. It would be fun to do things like aerobics, or zumba. How about yoga or weightlifting? How about flipping tires? That is what Shane does with the girls.
Shane is home most days from about 11:30 - 3:30. This is a great time to spend with the kids. Avery and Reece nap the last 2 hours, so it is a good time for him to spend with Annalee and Shelby. He had everyone out there the other day flipping tires, sprinting across the yard and pulling each other with trailer ties. It was a beautiful day outside. I sure am glad the kids get to play with their Daddy outside, in the sun, instead of in a gym with fluorescent lights. I must say though, thanks to all the teachers who do take the gym opportunity and put it to good use. Some of those kids might never get to play like that any other time in the day. I do remember playing flag football outside, in the sun and really liking it:)


Stef said...

I love it! Your idea of Zumba for PE sounds awesome :)
Also, you guys picked beautiful names for your kids.

Nice that your hubby can be home between those hours. Mine works a 3-11pm shift and we've loved the blessing its been for our family. Its put a damper on our social life... but its a phase :)

happy.lizzz said...

Looks like Shelby gave up pretty quickly. That's my girl!!

Here we go... said...

And of course, Avery is giong her own way!